Tree Planting

With a focus on climate change adaptation, poverty alleviation and food security, the project has sensitized farming households about the benefits of agro forestry.

The tree planting project targets subsistence farmers mainly women and the youths in Westnile sub-region of Uganda

Among some of the key problems faced in the target regions are extreme climates with prolonged drought, loss of productivity of agricultural land, severe land degradation as well as abnormally high levels of deforestation and over utilization of natural resources exacerbated by unpredictable climate changes.

Climate change in the target regions negatively affects food and water security and livelihoods.

Making Composite manure

We help the young people in Northern Uganda on how to improve their farming methodologies by having good yields through training on how to keep compost manure.

Compost provides many benefits as a soil amendment and a source of organic matter by improving soil biological, chemical, and physical characteristics:

  • Increases microbial activity
  • Enhances plant disease suppression
  • Increases soil fertility
  • Increases cation exchange capacity
  • Improves soil structure in clayey soils