Bee Keeping

The Beekeeping Project helps youth learn about bees and how to be a beekeeper. Beekeeping offers many hands-on educational experiences, from learning about bees and nectar to learning to raise bees and produce honey.

While youth were involved with the bees, we hope to strengthen the program by giving it more structure. In the Building a National Model grant, our goal was to expand the beekeeping program in depth – by formalizing lessons and including an entrepreneurial component – and in breadth – by using the program as a model to teach other educators how to begin youth beekeeping initiatives of their own.

Bees are a pretty big deal. We know that they help feed the world by pollinating crops and making all that lovely honey. Closer to home they’re involved in many of the amazing ingredients that arrive into our Makery.

Community empowerment

Under community empowerment strategic focus, We empower the local communities with knowledge in different spheres of life, including literacy (Reading, writing, and numeracy ).

This is mainly for the caretakers of the young people with disabilities and is meant to help them impart the knowledge to the young ones while at home.

HEDCHE provides skilling opportunities to those interested in taking up tailoring, craft making, beekeeping, and many more self-sustaining skills.

Community Empowerment Objective

To educate and empower young persons with disabilities as well as their caretakers, especially the poor and vulnerable, by dissemination of information on self-sustaining projects and ideas.